York parkrun

(This entry has been sitting on my computer half finished since the world cup started - sorry!) Most people seem to get The Corona when they're at their fittest. I, however, was already in the depths of injury-related unfitness at the point when I succumbed, which made me wonder if I would actually sink to … Continue reading York parkrun

Bushy parkrun

On 2nd October 2004, the first ever parkrun took place in Bushy Park. At the time, it was known rather less invitingly as "Bushy Park Time Trial" and there were a total of thirteen runners, none of whom took more than 30 minutes to complete the 5k course. There were no tourists, no milestones and … Continue reading Bushy parkrun

Hartlepool parkrun

There is, allegedly, more to life than running, and for the first time since the pandemic I packed my bags for a weekend away supporting my atrocious football team, Leyton Orient, in that underrated Northern beach resort, Hartlepool. I also managed to drag Rob along for his first live Orient Experience. Although I love running, … Continue reading Hartlepool parkrun

Malahide parkrun

Some of my friends are obsessed with The Cure in the same way that I am obsessed with parkrun.  They spend thousands of pounds visiting weird and wonderful locations, hours on Facebook discussing the peaks and pitfalls of various sets, and spend time outdoors getting sunburnt or soaked.  One friend, Gary, even keeps a spreadsheet … Continue reading Malahide parkrun

Clair parkrun

Clair - in Haywards Heath - is a parkrun that rarely seems to get much attention from parkrun tourists, perhaps it's because it's so close to Brighton that people think if they've gone all that way, they might as well go to the seaside.  Or perhaps it's because it has four and a half laps.  … Continue reading Clair parkrun

Richmond parkrun

Seven months ago, I said: and I must admit that this bold statement was at the forefront of my mind as I struggled around Richmond Desert, sorry, I mean Richmond Park this morning.  With the temperature hitting 33 degrees, my body informed me that running was unavailable and walking was the only available substitute.  Therefore … Continue reading Richmond parkrun

Barking parkrun

Thanks to the thoroughly shitty service on the Gospel Oak to Barking line, my trip to Barking has been put off at least a billion times.  I had begun to think that I would never get there, and was fully expecting to divert to Finsbury Park this morning.  But amazingly, the train obliged, and I … Continue reading Barking parkrun