Upslide Down

On Tuesday I was at the Olympic Park for a run with a bit of a difference.  Instead of running horizontally, I was running vertically - up the Orbit, that is, the peculiar helter-skelter-like structure next to the stadium.  It's 114.5 metres tall with 455 spiral stairs.  I did this event last year and knew … Continue reading Upslide Down

Sugar Free

Eight days ago, I decided to get a grip on my out of control sugar consumption.  I already knew I was eating too much sugar, and that this was probably the main reason that I was having trouble losing weight, but I was still shocked when I sat down and counted up how much sugar … Continue reading Sugar Free

Chase The Ferry

During my running career I've been beaten by a pillar box, all four tellytubbies, the Eiffel Tower, a man with one leg and countless small children, but never a ferry.  I therefore decided to join the Viewtube Runners for their race against the ferry. The Woolwich Ferry opened in 1889 and transports 2 million passengers … Continue reading Chase The Ferry