York parkrun

(This entry has been sitting on my computer half finished since the world cup started - sorry!) Most people seem to get The Corona when they're at their fittest. I, however, was already in the depths of injury-related unfitness at the point when I succumbed, which made me wonder if I would actually sink to … Continue reading York parkrun

Italian Flu

The downside to having steroids injected into your bum is that steroids wreck your immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections such as The Corona. Having a good record of evading symptomatic infection and a recent vaccine, however, I didn't worry too much about this and when I noticed a persistent dry cough … Continue reading Italian Flu


I've not written on this blog for a while because a) every time I started writing it came out as self pitying blurb that was definitely not funny and of no entertainment value to anyone b) sitting on my ancient computer chair to write them was too painful (there are a few half finished draft … Continue reading Back

Bushy parkrun

On 2nd October 2004, the first ever parkrun took place in Bushy Park. At the time, it was known rather less invitingly as "Bushy Park Time Trial" and there were a total of thirteen runners, none of whom took more than 30 minutes to complete the 5k course. There were no tourists, no milestones and … Continue reading Bushy parkrun

Hartlepool parkrun

There is, allegedly, more to life than running, and for the first time since the pandemic I packed my bags for a weekend away supporting my atrocious football team, Leyton Orient, in that underrated Northern beach resort, Hartlepool. I also managed to drag Rob along for his first live Orient Experience. Although I love running, … Continue reading Hartlepool parkrun


After starting 2022 in my usual catastrophic fashion and flunking RED January at 9:20 on January 1st, I decided to try again with RED February. As February is a bit shorter than January I decided to start a bit early, on 22nd January, and therefore as of today I have run thirty days in a … Continue reading RED FEB

Still Alive

Thought I had better post something to confirm that I am still alive and have not given up running (or blogging). Recently there has been a deluge of races as everything that was postponed over the last six months finally stopped being postponed, leading to comedy moments such as me opening my post and realising … Continue reading Still Alive

Aintree Half

My first half back could have gone better, to say the least. The problems started pretty much as soon as I arrived at the racecourse and discovered that there was no queue for the women's toilets because apparently the vast majority of the entrants were men (378 men and 101 women according to the results … Continue reading Aintree Half


For the tenth (I think) time in the last year, I find myself horrified by the fact that I have a half marathon to run that looks like it isn't going to be cancelled. It's worth mentioning that every single one of those half marathons have been cancelled in the end, some with just days … Continue reading Ouch

Velopark 5k

parkrun announced that they would return in England at the end of October, and of course almost immediately the coronavirus transmission rate went through the roof and an unannouncement swiftly followed. I'm very sad about this, but I do think it was the right decision - not because I think there is much danger associated … Continue reading Velopark 5k


One event that I had planned for 2020 that didn't get cancelled was Dock2Dock, the annual swimming race in my favourite swimming spot, Victoria Dock. The race has three options: 1.5k, 5k and 10k, and takes you all the way from the usual course under the Unreasonably High Footbridge, under Connaught Bridge into the next … Continue reading Dock2Dock

Return to Racing

As the coronavirus related restrictions have eased, it seems like most of the British population has fallen into two camps: Camp One are still vehemently refusing to leave the house for any reason. They do not think schools, pubs, gyms, hairdressers or events of any kind should be open until the virus is completely eradicated. … Continue reading Return to Racing


This weekend, the NHS started coronavirus antibody tests for all staff. These are the tests that tell you whether you have had coronavirus in the past (but not if you have it at the moment). Mine came back positive. It seems I must have been one of those "asymptomatic carriers" who apparently comprise approximately 30% … Continue reading Positive

Pymmes parkrun

Pymmes parkrun is the second closest to my flat and the third different parkrun that I attended (after Finsbury Park and Hackney Marshes).  Despite it's proximity I haven't been back since that solitary visit nearly three years ago and you might be forgiven for thinking that it was a horrible and unsuitable parkrun.  This is … Continue reading Pymmes parkrun


Boris has spoken and the only reasons people are allowed to leave their house are for groceries, medical/care needs, work and exercise.  Considering the first three are not a lot of fun (especially when the first leads to a scrap in the pasta aisle over the last pack of tagliatelle), it seems every fucker on … Continue reading Womblestow


In a great week for running, where Eliud Kipchoge ran the first ever sub 2 hour marathon distance, and Brigid Kosgei smashed the women's marathon record in Chicago, I am sorry to say that I have completely failed to make my own contribution.  Last Wednesday saw the first Olympic Park Chase The Moon of the … Continue reading 1:59:40


With just under three weeks to go until The Triathlon, I'm getting acquainted with Trianoia, the older brother of my old friend, Maranoia.  Maranoia, as you may recall, is a state of pre-marathon nervous exhaustion where you become convinced that you are ill, injured or otherwise about to suffer a marathon ruining calamity.  Trianoia is … Continue reading Trianoia

Fell Race

Somehow I managed to get myself talked into doing a Category A Fell race in Epping Forest.  Category A Fell Races are as dangerous as Category A prisoners and Category A drugs.   They must have at least 50m of climb per km (this one had more) and no more than 20% of the course on … Continue reading Fell Race