About 7:07

This blog is named in honour of my frankly appalling time (even by my standards) at the 2016 Dublin Marathon.  I’ll cite mitigating circumstances: I injured my leg three months before the marathon; I couldn’t run for two months.  I arrived on the start line uninjured but horrendously unfit.  If I’d had any sense I wouldn’t have done it, but I don’t have any sense.  I just figured that the worst that could happen was that I would get halfway and have to pull out, and that it is better to get halfway than to get nowhere.  In the end I did make it all the way round, but only as it was starting to get dark and they were starting to dismantle the finish line.  I was overtaken by an elderly man playing a miniature guitar in the last mile.  I’d like to say finishing a marathon was my proudest hour, but in fact all I could think was that I needed to go back and do it properly.

Which brings us to the 2018 Brighton Marathon, where I am praying for no mitigating circumstances, no excuses, and no miniature guitars.

This blog is mainly for my own benefit, somewhere to make self indulgent posts along the lines of “omg I just took five seconds off my parkrun time” and post boring medal selfies without boring my Facebook friends to death, but if you would like to see me shuffle, pant and waddle my way to marathon glory in Brighton please do follow my posts.