Triathlon Curse

I think I am going to have to stop writing posts entitled “Trianoia” because it seems that whatever catastrophe I fail to worry about is the one that ends up happening.  In this case, the Canary Wharf Triathlon was cancelled due to lack of numbers.  I have to say I’m not very impressed with the organisers as it seems the event was quite poorly advertised (and also timed to start before the first DLR train arrives at the venue) so it is no wonder they have not had a lot of sign ups.  It’s extremely irritating that I’ve awkwardly had to string my tri training out for another six weeks where I was supposed to be resting and then starting half marathon training, only to find it was all for nothing.  Also, while the cancellation email offered a refund, I’ve emailed and Facebook messaged Get Set North Events to ask for one and not had any reply at all.

Anyway, with the death of the Canary Wharf Triathlon comes the death of any hope I had of becoming a triathlete in 2019.  Instead, I’m setting my sights on 2020.  I’m already signed up for the South Coast Triathlon (a free place due to this year’s Weather related cancellation) but that’s not until the end of August so I am looking at various options at Dorney Lake before then.  That is, of course, if my bicycle doesn’t turn into a toad and I don’t develop a life threatening plankton allergy in the meanwhile.  Nothing would surprise me any more.

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