Coronavirus Rigidus

Quick post because I’m off out to football (not cancelled this week) and have very little time!

On Sunday I made it to the Berkhamsted 5 Mile “Fun Run” which, despite the sexist and non snail friendly announcer person, was a nice race. It was quite a challenging course with a full mile of uphill that threatened to never end, some open roads full of some very inconsiderate drivers and a twig laden section which landed a lot of debris in my trainer. I was fairly pleasant with my finish time of 1:00:52 (including walking the aforementioned mile-long hill) although if I’d known I was going to be that close to an hour I’d have put a bit more effort in!

Just about sums it up

On Tuesday I got my MRI results and it was better news than I was expecting. The bad news is that I have tendonitis of two tendons (anterior and posterial tibial tendons). The good news is that neither tendons are torn or decaying and should recover, eventually. The other bad news is that I have an insufficient ligament (anterior talofibular ligament) and hallux ridigus (an arthritic big toe) but these are probably things that I have had for years and will just have to live with.

In view of this news I have decided to go ahead with the Surrey Half tomorrow, although of course my original reason for choosing it – a potential PB course – is right out the window. I’m very disappointed that the medals and buffs haven’t arrived on time due to storm and coronavirus related delays, but have to remind myself that a lot of poor sods have had their marathons cancelled altogether, and a few other poor sods have even caught the coronavirus – although not nearly enough to justify all the cancellations and crazy behaviour we are currently being subjected to.

The half marathon nonsense tomorrow meant volunteering at parkrun today, so I paid a visit to Wanstead Flats where there was an all-woman volunteer team in action due to International Women’s Day. I feel bad that I never go to Wanstead Flats despite loads of my friends being there, but I really don’t like the course much. But volunteering is volunteering wherever you do it. I was the finish token dispenser, and there weren’t any major calamities like when the tokens flew away in the wind at Finsbury Park. My hands had nearly frozen off by the time everyone finished. I am not volunteering again until the weather is better.

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