Chase the Sun Olympic Park

The St Albans 10k was great and everything, but for me it didn’t really feel like races were back until I’d done a RunThrough race! And the first back for me was one of my favourites, Chase the Sun at the Olympic Park. Even though I’m not normally an evening runner, I do really like the “summer party” atmosphere of these races, and also the fact that they’re not on a Saturday! I was so excited about seeing everyone and enjoying the atmosphere and getting a medal that I almost couldn’t be bothered to run. However after removing my winter coat and hoodie I decided a fast start would be a good way of warming up. I didn’t expect to be able to run particularly fast because my arms and knees are still a bit hurty from falling over last week and when I did a freedom parkrun at Mile End at the weekend it took me over 36 minutes (not a nice relaxed 36 minutes, a “this is really as fast as I can go” 36 minutes). However last night I felt a lot better and so decided to stick with the fast pace as long as I could. I gave my watch the occasional glance to make sure my pace was starting with a 6 (a sub 35 is always a bonus) but other than that I didn’t pay too much attention and although I would not call this an easy paced run I wasn’t entirely giving it my all either (no wheezing, groaning or feeling like I was going to die, face mildly flushed instead of bright purple, able to grin at friends on the course if not say anything meaningful, etc). I was therefore extremely surprised to cross the line and find my watch declaring a new PB of 33:12. I had to squint my eyes to makes sure it didn’t really say 38:12.

Fully expect this to be one of those PBs that I never beat, even if I lose weight, get fitter and actually make some effort. Clearly the path to success is paved with doughnuts, falling flat on your face and a nonchalant attitude.

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