I’ve not written on this blog for a while because

a) every time I started writing it came out as self pitying blurb that was definitely not funny and of no entertainment value to anyone

b) sitting on my ancient computer chair to write them was too painful

(there are a few half finished draft posts that I’m about to dispose of that are testament to a and b)

c) then another thing happened that put my problems into perspective and this is not my thing to write about but at the same time it seemed impossible to write without mentioning it

but I either need to start writing again or stop forever so I’m going to start writing about my races and parkruns (and not the other thing) as of now. My lousy running antics might not be the most important thing going on right now but there is no law that says you can only write about the most important thing.

The update on my leg is that finally, after six months of being in proper hardcore pain, and being fobbed off by various medical professionals who seemed determined to prove that I had a back problem despite all the tests for back problems not yielding the expected results, I had an ultrasound of my left thigh (which I had to beg for because the doctor was only interested in my back) which showed a massively huge hamstring tendon. A week later I paid for a steroid injection and within a few hours the red hot spiky nerve pain started to go and finally I could think straight again. I still have an achey leg and muscular pain and I am dismayed to find there isn’t an injection that can magically restore you to the level of fitness you reached before you got injured. I’m still not allowed to do any kind of speed work but I’m hoping I’ll be able to start building my distances up now, and also regain my ability to write entertaining blog posts.

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