With just under three weeks to go until The Triathlon, I'm getting acquainted with Trianoia, the older brother of my old friend, Maranoia.  Maranoia, as you may recall, is a state of pre-marathon nervous exhaustion where you become convinced that you are ill, injured or otherwise about to suffer a marathon ruining calamity.  Trianoia is … Continue reading Trianoia

The Return of the Long Slow Run

One thing has been missing from my training routine ever since the marathon: the Long Slow Run, the solitary plod down the banks of the Lea Canal, with change jangling in my pockets, puddle water in my socks, and occasionally a Yellow Belly hanging from my mouth.  When I started running, these jaunts were what … Continue reading The Return of the Long Slow Run

Oh Shit

Six days to go until the Brighton Half, and I was feeling pretty good all things considered.  The fact that the Brighton Half has a sensible cut off (3.5 hours - you could walk half of it and still be well within the limit) and that I didn't need to worry about being followed through … Continue reading Oh Shit