Marathon Training (21 weeks to go)

Five twelve hour day shifts since I updated last, so training has consisted of:

2 x workout at Shit Gym Opposite Work (I might sack this place off soon, I only really went because I had a crush on one of the PTs)

1 x yoga at Shit Gym Opposite Work

1 x 17 minute bumble around the block

1 x 5km run/walk in the streets of Walthamstow, which started as an attempt to “draw” a GPS penis (all the cool kids are doing this) but unfortunately there were roadworks and I got confused and went down the wrong road and gave up and now the map looks more like road kill than a penis.

Today I didn’t have to go to work so I went to the Nice Gym Near Home which doesn’t have any fit PTs but does have a running track, sauna and jacuzzi.  On Fridays they have a class called Ballet Fit run by Susanna Sparrow which I really enjoy – it helps with my frankly terrible balance and posture and works the lower legs and not just the core.  I find a class of this really sets me up for a decent run and I proved this today by heading out to the track and running my fastest EVER 5km in 33:50.  Well, there’s a slight caveat – the 33:50 doesn’t include the thirty-nine seconds when I paused my Garmin to politely request the mother of two small children remove them from the track as they thought it was really funny to run across it with their arms out trying to get in runners’ way.  I think the annoyance of this obstruction probably more than cancelled out any benefit I got from the thirty-nine seconds’ rest so it still counts.  Also I don’t think the Guinness Book of Records will be interested in my performance so frankly I can count what I like.

Tomorrow I have a 10km with RunThrough in Battersea Park which I am really looking forward to.  Battersea Park is one of my favourite parks, if it could just grow a couple of little hills it would be perfect.

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