I re-followed the Brighton Marathon Virgins Facebook group the other day.  I unfollowed it a couple of months ago, partly because of some annoying comments from self appointed experts (who have no right being in a beginner's group in the first place) but mainly because I was looking at other people's distances and times and … Continue reading Runger

Are You Ready?

Today Brighton Marathon Weekend posted a photo on their Facebook page of two suspiciously cheerful men named Sam and Rob approaching the Brighton Marathon finish line pushing a young girl in a wheelchair, with the caption "3 weeks to go!  Are you ready?" Am I ready?  Let's see.  I suppose I am ready, a bit like … Continue reading Are You Ready?


It's official. I've reached that stage. The stage where you aren't going to get any sense out of me until April 15th. The onset of Maranoia, which is a state of anxiety afflicting marathon runners in their latter stages of training, whereby they are constantly convinced they will become ill, injured or otherwise afflicted by … Continue reading Maranoia