Long Run (13 weeks to go)

Here is a picture of Walthamstow Wetlands, which was part of my route today. I didn’t take this today but it still looks the same.

After nearly a month on the sick bench with The Never Ending Cough, I finally had both time and sufficient health for a long run today.  It is quite interesting to see how resting heart rate (as measured by a Fitbit) goes up when you are ill and back down when you recover.  Mine is usually about 55 but when I was at peak sniffle it was in the mid 60s (a peak of 67 on New Year’s Day, when I was both sick and hungover).  It is back down to 59 now which pleases me because 59 is my favourite number.  The cough is almost completely gone.

Today, it wasn’t the best of conditions as there was a very strong wind blowing across the reservoir and it felt like I was running on the spot as I ran into it!  My ankle has been feeling a bit dodgo since Victoria Park but I’m pleased to say it only hurt a little bit, even when I did the hills in Springfield Park.  (I enjoyed said hills so much that I went round twice).  Annoyingly, my Fitbit decided to die on me with 5km to go so I lost precious steps and even worse, my music!  I know people say you should run without music and I do occasionally, but two hours in to a painful, cold, lonely walk is not a suitable time.  I have had so much bother with my Fitbit Ionic, I’d never buy another.  As soon as Garmin bring out a running watch that plays music it’s going straight on ebay.

I had to walk a bit and let’s just not talk about how slow I was, but today was about Time On Feet etc and the objective of 18km was achieved.  There will be another long run next weekend, by which time I hope to be running the whole way again.

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