I am in Barcelona


“Relaxing” by the pool this afternoon. I had to come indoors, it was freezing.


And I am terrified!

Entering a half marathon with a 2:45 cut off didn’t seem a problem in June 2016, when I’d just run a half in 2:35 and naively assumed that my times would continue to improve.  A month later I had a stress fracture.  I completed my next half marathon (the first half of the Dublin Marathon) in about 3:15 and I haven’t done one since.  I delayed my entry for the Barcelona Half from 2017 to 2018 (they don’t allow deferrals, so I had to rebook and pay again), assuming that by 2018 I’d be all better and able to do it.

And now I am all better.  But am I able to do it?  It’s going to be tight, that’s for certain.  I have a pretty good idea of my own abilities.  On a good day, I would be able to run a half in around 2:40.  On a bad day, I would have to walk some of it, and my time would be closer to three hours.  Will tomorrow be a good day or a bad day?  That is what I just don’t know.

My t-shirt and “dorsal” (bib number).  Why do they call it a dorsal?  It doesn’t go on your back…

I have never not finished a race – but every other race I have entered has had the safety buffer of a generous cut off, meaning that if I have a problem, I can finish off walking.  Given enough time, I am pretty confident of my ability to cover any distance.  I am not at all confident of my ability to outrun the “coche de cierre” (Spanish equivalent of a sweep up coach, except I don’t think it is a coach at all – I imagine it to be a car that plunges through the route telling slow runners to go home in Spanish).  I hope I will be going home with a medal and not a red face.  At least they were nice enough to give us our t-shirts at the expo.  I wonder if this is because they have a lot of non-finishers?

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