pristine-luxury-toilet-roll-1x40I have spent most of the last three days in bed with the full works of temperature, headache, vomiting, not eating, sneezing, coughing etc etc.  I went out on an ambulance observation shift on Wednesday and I can only think I caught something from one of the patients.  In the last twelve hours I have recovered a little and have graduated to sitting on the sofa watching crap TV.  I have missed three days of work (and now have a week’s overtime ban which will cost me a fucking fortune) and even worse I missed parkrun and turned down a beer!!

weather-thermometer-clip-art-9crxkggceI have only posted on Facebook to moan about this three times which I think is very restrained considering I have nothing else to do.  People have said well-meaning things like “oh yes colds are terrible I had one too” which has made me want to scream “I haven’t got a cold, when I have a cold I still get Day Nurse fuelled PBs at Dulwich, today I can’t even get out of bed!!” but I didn’t because that is rude when people are trying to be nice.  Being ill makes me very grumpy.  I hate wasting time.  I have been thinking about the people I know who have chronic illnesses and feel this bad on a long term basis and honestly I don’t know how they deal with it.  I would be absolutely insufferable.

wheretobuy_productsI have made a very feeble effort to keep RED going.  On Friday I walked to the shop to buy cold medications.  On Saturday I found a 10 minute “yoga in bed” routine which was basically just stretches.  On Sunday I walked to the Co-op and bought some Lucozade.  Today I am feeling somewhat better (still snotty and coughy and a bit puny but upright) so I hope to fire up the turbo trainer or do a bit of half hearted Jillian Michaels later.  I don’t think I will be running until the weekend, mainly because it is minus 59 outside and the snot will turn to ice and paralyse my respiratory system and it will all end badly.

One week and six days until the half marathon.


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