What did I tell you?

I thought maybe going vegan had made me immune to colds because I hadn’t had one since April 2018, but clearly not.  I started coughing and sniffing a bit during yesterday’s long run, but assumed it was just the cold air irritating my lungs.  I felt quite exhausted in the evening and went to bed at half past eight, but put that down to a natural reaction to running for two and a half hours.  But by the time I woke up, I could ignore it no longer, my head was throbbing, I had a hacking cough and I called in sick and spent the whole morning dozing in bed.  (Fitbit says I spent for nearly eleven hours.  This is double my usual amount).


After a couple of Day Nurse and a whole bottle of Lucozade I rallied a bit and managed to go outside and walk for half an hour (must not neglect this buggering RED thing) and then came home and collapsed in front of Loose Women.  Such a contrast to yesterday.

I think I am going to have to miss parkrun tomorrow as I am in no fit state to run anywhere and I am not even sure I could walk it right now which is a bit gutting but at least the plan was to go to Southwark and it should be pretty easy to get there another time.  I suppose I should be grateful that I have managed to time getting ill between my last long run and the half (two weeks and two days away) but I am not sure the cough will go in time and I really think there are better ways to taper than malingering in front of the telly.


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