RunThrough Chase The Sun Hyde Park

Yesterday was the fourth time I have run the RunThrough Hyde Park 5k.  My times from the previous four outings went like this:

25 April 39:17
23 May 39:26
6 June 40:10

and this was quite depressing because one is supposed to get faster and not slower!

Anyway, I am delighted to say I have finally broken the curse of Hyde Park.  I felt really good last night, like a bit of strength and mobility had returned to my legs and that my form had improved.  I felt like I could actually get a bit out of breath and my legs were still able to keep up!  My finish time was 38:27, which is still a lot slower than I used to be able to do, but I didn’t care because at least I am getting faster!  I did wonder if it was just because of the cooler weather, but having looked back at my Garmin data, none of the previous runs were when it was really hot.  The June one was hotter by 1c and the other two were actually cooler.

I was vacillating between 5km and 10km all afternoon and didn’t make the final decision until after I had started running.  In the end I decided to plump for 5km because even though everyone was very patient and nice when I came last a week ago, it still felt a bit embarrassing and even worse I missed Linda’s famous post race selfie session!  Also I couldn’t face four laps and having had a couple of near misses with a Boris Bike and a wayward toddler, I wasn’t sure if I could endure another round of stupid tourists without losing my temper and calling someone a bad word.  I think I might just stick to 5km for RunThrough races and do the 10ks in training and one-lap races in future.  Anyway, I’m really pleased that I am finally making some progress and am hoping for a sub 38 next.


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