One Day to Brighton Half

Other than the aforementioned swimming, 20 minutes on a cross trainer and a little bit of Pokémon Go related walking I have done absolutely no exercise since the incident on Monday.  At first I felt absolutely great for it but it is starting to wear off now.  I feel all my muscles have turned into Yellow Belly Jelly Snakes.  I am craving a run.  I started getting ideas about going to parkrun this morning (“maybe if I just powerwalk”) but I had to talk myself out of them.

I am pleased to report my bad leg (that is, the leg formally known as my good leg.  I should just face the fact that neither of my legs are up to much) is feeling absolutely fine now, whatever angle I put it at.  Obviously I haven’t tested it by running, and I realise that a half marathon probably isn’t the most suitable way to test it, but for some reason they won’t postpone it just for me.

Snow in Brighton
It’s not quite as cold as this.

My plan of action for the half is as follows:

  • Plan A: If leg good – run as much as possible, beat time from Barcelona, perhaps even beat 2:45 target.  I have no illusions about beating my time from 2016.
  • Plan B: If leg feeling tight – run/walk, still finish well ahead of 3:30 cut off, treat as training/rehab.
  • Plan C: If leg feeling really bad – drop out at 8km, as I pass my B+B on the way back from the cliffs.
  • Plan D: If leg feeling like it might drop off – drop out at 1km, as I pass my B+B just after the start.

I’m hoping for at least Plan B.

My other worry is the weather!  (I always worry about the weather).  It is going to be very, very cold.  Possibly minus four.  I do run faster when it is cold, but this is below optimum temperatures and might lead to slippiness, cramps and not being able to take walk breaks without getting hypothermia.  Also it is going to be quite sunny, so I’m going to be that wanker wearing sunglasses in February.  What a goth!

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