Plastic Free July

A quick post from my phone to say that I am taking part in “Plastic Free July”. I do love a monthly challenge and the impact of plastic on the environment is something I’m becoming increasingly aware of. When you go vegan, you suddenly find your habits under scrutiny and even if you didn’t go vegan for the environment (I didn’t) you are now expected to be beyond reproach and only eat zero waste ethically sourced tomatoes from your back garden. While this seems far too difficult, cutting out plastic, one of the worst offenders, is more doable. I will admit the thought of polluted oceans doesn’t grab me the way the thought of a mother cow separated from her calf doors, but that’s an emotional reaction, not a logical one. Pollution harms animals just as much, just not in such a direct and deliberate way.

The rules are:

1) Don’t buy (or accept) any single use plastic items for whole of July.

2) Any plastic items bought before July that I use must be (preferably) reused or recycling, not thrown away

3) Any failures to comply must be confessed on this blog

I am already thinking this is going to be harder than going vegan. I got up late this morning and thought I’d grab breakfast from Sainsbury’s instead of eating at home. As soon as I got there, I realised all my go to items were now go away items. I couldn’t even have a bottle of Coke Zero! I came away with an apple and a bread roll… And a can of Coke Zero. I am not even sure if cans are better for the environment than bottles, but one step at a time.

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