Chase the Sun Olympic Park

(For the 59 billionth time)

This week’s excuse for not doing 10k was the fact that I’d been up since the crack of dawn getting the Eurostar home from France and endured a very stressful journey in the same carriage as a family who seemed to think the aisle was a children’s playground and who had never heard of headphones and allowed said children to watch cartoons at full blast all the way from Lille.

It is therefore a miracle that I finished the 5km in 36:16!!  After months of 40+ finishes I was overjoyed at this.  I haven’t had a sub 37 parkrun since February (the point where the marathon training started getting to me) and now I really feel like I might start getting PBs again sometime in the next couple of months.  I must make a date with Dulwich parkrun…

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