RunThrough Finsbury Park

I woke up this morning – the day after my cobble-related accident at Victoria Dock parkrun – to find that my right leg no longer bent in the middle and that I couldn’t lift my left arm above my head.  This was a bit of a problem as I was signed up for another race this morning, a RunThrough extravaganza in my favourite place to run, Finsbury Park.  Obviously I couldn’t skip this one so I did my best to get my running kit on and headed off to the station.

I’ve already written about Finsbury Park a billion times so I won’t go into much detail this time.  I managed to run the whole of the first lap but had to walk a little of the second.  My finish time was a very slow 40:34 but mitigating circumstances etc blah.  According to Strava I got a PR on The Other Hill (that is the longer but less steep one that RunThrough use and parkrun don’t) but wasn’t even in my top three times for any of the other segments.  Not sure if that’s all the hilly parkruns I’ve done lately paying off or just a fluke!

I am spending the rest of the day on the sofa moaning about my war wounds and won’t be doing any proper exercise until Friday.

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