The Final Chase The Moon

I’ll spare you a long entry on last night’s Chase The Moon, as it’s the fifth I’ve been to and this could get repetitive!  I ran it slowly as a “recovery run”, hence a time of 38:27.  I didn’t look at my watch for the whole race, and I made it my mission to get a decent photograph… unfortunately as I sprinted through the photo point a very inconsiderate man decided to lap me and got right in the way!  I do have flying feet at the finish, but am also a little out of focus.  Oh well…

This was the last in the Chase The Moon series, but next month Chase The Sun begins!  This means RunThrough’s Wednesday night extravaganza is now on tour throughout the parks of London, including Hyde Park, Clapham Common, Crystal Palace, Finsbury Park and Wimbledon Common.  I have a season pass so will be at as many as my work schedule will allow.


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