RED: Day 4

This is a day on which I would not normally have exercised.  A rest day, if you call getting up at 4:30am and doing twelve hours’ work rest.  I reached my 12,000 minimum daily steps target as I got home just after 8pm, a sizeable chunk of that coming from hunting vegan sausage rolls in Waterloo.  (They are sold out everywhere.  It is a national crisis).  Ideally, I just wanted to watch EastEnders and go to bed.  But I could not do that, as I had a bloody yoga video to do.  I simultaneously tried to load the dishwasher, get my stuff ready for tomorrow’s parkrun and search “30 minute yoga” on YouTube.  The top result was someone called Candace doing what looked like a nice easy stretch so I opted for that.  It was a bit difficult to hear what she was saying with the dishwasher sloshing away in the background but it’s only yoga, right, how difficult can it be?

Thirty minutes of Crow Pose, handstand hops and Standing Pigeon later, I wanted to punch Candace and throttle her with her snazzy pink leggings.  Stupid bloody yoga.  Stupid poses standing on one leg.  Stupid downward facing dogs.  It’s really difficult to concentrate on getting poses right when you are tired and not in the mood and I found myself wobbling and getting my right and left mixed up to the extent that I found myself facing the wrong way round and upside down trying to look at the computer screen through my legs to try to determine what Candace wanted me to do next.  What is this doing for my mental health anyway?  I suppose “having the hump” is a state of mind, so maybe it’s raising my awareness of what it feels like to have the hump.

I have more to say about running and mental health but it will have to wait because I spent all my writing time doing yoga and I have to get up at 5am to go to parkrun.

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