Two Days to Go

My case is packed and sitting by the door, ready for the 10:20am train to Brighton tomorrow morning.  When I arrive in Brighton, I’ll be dropping my case at the hotel and going to the Race Village to pick up my number and a sack full of extortionately priced commemorative attire, hopefully catching up with a few of my fellow runners and Brighton friends over a glass of water and a jelly snake, then retiring to my hotel for an early night that hopefully won’t be completely sleepless.  I’ve just had a lovely, personal email from Hounds for Heroes and am overwhelmed by the donations and messages of support I’ve received from my friends.  Most importantly, the weather forecast has got better.  12c and grey clouds.  The only way it can improve on that is a sudden, brief burst of sun every time I pass a race photographer.

Race pack collection is open!! (from Brighton Marathon Weekend Facebook)
And the finish line is going up! (Photo by Donna Howland of the Brighton Marathon Virgins FB group)

This is it, I’ve done all I can.  Cross your fingers and pray that the next time you hear from me, I’ll be a bona fide Brighton Marathoner.

 You can follow my progress on the Active Experience App on Android and iPhone from around 10am on Sunday 15th April.  You can sponsor me here.  

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