Over the last month I’ve been pinged so many time from contact with covid positive colleagues that I’m only surprised when I go for a few days without being the dreaded shield appearing on my phone. If you saw my workplace you would not be surprised about this either. I dreaded spending Christmas with my elderly mother because I knew there was a reasonable possibility I would be taking a dose of corona with me. I use masks and LFTs but unlike most people I know they are not foolproof and there is no way you can you are 100% safe or clear. I wasn’t even sure if I should go but many of my friends pointed out that they would give anything for another Christmas with their deceased parents and that I might regret NOT going more than I regretted going. But that didn’t make me feel any better when I was there and I just felt relieved when I got home and the days ticked past without a sniffly nose or a positive test.

By New Year I was pretty much convinced that I must be immune and that the PCR tests I had been taking with every ping (I do not trust LFTs) were just a formality. It was therefore came as a huge surprise on Wednesday morning when I popped my toast in the toaster, went to set up my phone and ipad for my morning Zwifting and found the shield of doom telling me my last test was positive and that I was in Covid Jail for the next nine days. I felt 100% fine, unless having a sore leg is a symptom of coronavirus. Last time I got the corona (May 2020) there were a few minor symptoms that I didn’t pick up on because I didn’t feel “ill enough”, but this time there was absolutely nothing. I spent the next two days going round sniffing everything to make sure it smells normal (to the extent when I’m not sure any more), taking great note of every cough and sneeze (I am an allergic kind of person who coughs and sneezes continually and never really lost the cough that arrived with my first corona episode) and trying to work out if I actually feel ill or am just stressed about having the corona and not being allowed out for a week. (In fact, once I’d got over the shock, I actually felt better than normal due to not having to endure my workplace).

It’s very surreal watching BBC news where they’re talking about this terrible disease that has ruined thousands of lives and brought the country to a stop for two years and you are currently suffering from it and trying to work out whether you are sneezing more than normal and your main symptom is boredom. I know I am very lucky because it seems I have some degree of immunity and I suspect that is more than just having had three vaccines and possibly goes back to an infection with a similar illness in 2019. (This is a theory actual proper scientists have postulated but I don’t think it has been sufficiently tested as of yet). But even the people I know who have had symptoms in the latest wave have described it as a “bad cold” or “flu” at the absolute worst. I don’t know anyone who has been hospitalised and everyone is coming back to work as soon as they are allowed. (I don’t know any unvaccinated people, of course. But I do know some “clinically extremely vulnerable” people and they haven’t been severely unwell either) I do hope that this is the start of the corona becoming a normal illness like flu or measles or mumps – something to take seriously but something which is dealt with by vaccination and medication and not lockdowns and restrictions. I don’t think this notion sits very well with people who have been taking the restrictions very seriously and I can understand that because “corona is just the flu!” was a strong covid-denier narrative but what was true two years ago isn’t necessarily true now. Of course there could be a new variant just around the corner which blows all this out the window. Let’s hope not.

Back to my own selfish world, I’m mainly annoyed that I’ve not been able to go to the physio (the corona isn’t bothering me but my leg is) and sad that I won’t be able to go to the Vegan Runners meet up at Dulwich. The only consolation is that the leg issues would have probably made it a course worst at Dulwich and no one likes a course worst. I’ve been doing some sensible slow run/walking on my treadmill and it is far easier to be sensible in Watopia than it is at Dulwich.

On the whole this year couldn’t have got off to a much worse start! Let’s hope the other 51 weeks are better.

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